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We are KYP Builders, Malaysia’s one of the most reputed firm of Project Management, Building Construction, Renovation and Built-in Furniture that aims to provide one-step solution and services to all kinds of your construction.

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We are KYP Builders, Malaysia’s one of the most reputed firm of Project Management, Building Construction, Renovation and Built-in Furniture that aims to provide one-step solution and services to all kinds of your construction, building and designing services. Established in the year 2009, we have become one of the most leading firms of Kuala Lumpur in terms of construction and designing. We also provide office renovation services and house renovation in Klang Valley, Petaling Jaya. Today, we have built a leading reputation as a trusted as well as reliable partner in the building and construction industry and we are continuously striving towards achieving all our prospective goals, thereby serving our clients and customers whole-heartedly.

Being a big name among the building and construction company of Kuala Lumpur, we have a reputation of striving towards the enhancement and perfection on every project that we undertake, regardless of its size. Thus, from major construction and building projects through to the provisions of refurbishment services, designing and fit-out – our services extend to all the big and small spheres of building and construction.

We consider the all our prospective clients and customers as our greatest advocates and thus offer all our services keeping in view all their needs and requirements. We are passionate about all our works and services and hence we deliver quality project on time while staying on budget with full detailed quotation provided in order to make sure that it meets all your needs and requirements. Our team at KYP Builders is a team of dedicated experts who work closely to ensure that all the expectations of our clients are fulfilled on time and as per their needs. Once we are done reviewing the home and site specifications of our clients, we make sure to provide them with a preliminary construction estimate suiting their needs and budget.

Apart from all the services that we offer, we also provide hardware store selling machinery, tools and building materials so used in the operations as well as services of building, construction as well as design.

With the following points as our major aims and objectives, we strive towards bringing perfection in all kinds of services that we offer:

Total focus on the needs and requirements of clients
An approach that is cooperative
Amazing communication skills
Inclination towards integrity and professionalism
Ability of problem-solving
Services regarding regular follow-up and other personalized services.

We understand the happiness of owning your own space designed with all the perfection and hence we put our best foot forward to fulfill the dream for you. Together we team up and build up a better living for the customer. Get in touch with the services provided by us and rely on our professional team to produce a quality home/workplace within your specified budget. Because, there is nothing more satisfying than living in your own space.
Our Mission and Vision
We aim to provide better services as to Project Management, Building Construction, Renovation as well as Built-in Furniture with each passing days, thereby fulfilling all the needs and demands of all our clients and customers and serving them with the best results. We embrace all the skill and experience of all our qualified builders and team members to together put the best work ahead and this is what we consider our major aim and objective.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to constantly improve the project delivery associated with us and we further look forward to helping our clients by the way of meeting their commercial goals through equipping and empowering our team. We constantly strive to be on the top and the leading commercial as well as residential firm of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by the way of offering high-quality products and services that could eventually meet up all the expectations of our customers in terms of their expectations, requirements as well as financial values.

Our Mission:

Our mission aims at meeting all the needs of our clients as well as business partners in terms of delivery, design as well as pricing of our services. We consider the above listed points as our key factors. We look forward to achieving all our prospective goals and mission with all the fairness, experience, passion, innovation as well strong relationships.

We are very proud of meeting all the expectations of our customers and succeeding our graph of progress with each passing day. In order to attain all our goals and objective, we lead a culture of excellence where loyalty, talent, creativity, open communication as well as integrity are our core values.

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Establishment year: 2009

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