Different kinds of engineering stone for installation

Various natural stones such as granite and marble are serving as one of the best picks for kitchen renovation & installation as far as the choice of engineering stone is concerned. Alongside, these stones are also being used for a number of other purposes such as splash backs, for edge trimming in the bathrooms, around the pools, for the bars, for the spas, etc.

Engineering stone is very cost-effective alternative and hence serve you as a budget-friendly idea to help you install it in your kitchen and other areas and to give it a new look, shape and appearance. These engineering stones for installation come in a wide variety of styles. Furthermore, there are a number of patterns, designs, colors to choose from.

Below listed are some of the most popular engineer stones which you can use for the installation purpose in one room or the other.

1. Caesarstone:
Caesarstone is primarily manufactured used the particles of quartz on to the tune of 95 percent, the remaining 5 percent of it is formed by polymer resins as well as coloring. This stone is considered to be a very famous alternative to the stones which are more expensive in nature such as granite and marble. Quartz is specifically considered to be a hard substance and hence it promises all sorts of durability while being used in the kitchen area. At the same time, the composition of the engineered stone also makes it stain resistant. Thus, Caesarstone makes the best choice for the kitchen benchtops.

2. Silestone:
This stone comprises of 94 percent of quartz and hence it is considered to be very resilient and hard in nature. The silestone is very impervious to all kinds of hazards such as acids, staining as well as scratches. This engineered stone comes in a number of choices in terms of its colors, textures as well as designs.

3. Quantum Quartz:
Another engineered stone which serves as a good option for bench tops is Quantum Quartz which as 93 percent of natural quartz as its major composition. The remaining 7 percent in its composition is occupied by pigments and agents. This stone is very low in terms of maintenance and remains ultra-hygienic at the very same time. Thus, it can also be used for flooring.

4. Essastone:
Essastone is considered to be very hard in nature as it is made using 95 percent of natural quartz. This stone is non-porous and homogenous in its composition and comes with a low-maintenance finish which is again very resistant to the odds like knocks and scratches. You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns and textures.

5. Smartstone:
The best thing about smartstone is that it comes in twenty-four different designs along with color collections. This engineered stone is comprised of 93 percent of quartz. This one, just like other stones, too, is highly resistant to all kinds of heat, chemicals, staining and various other factor and hence considered as a best pick for kitchens and bathrooms.